How To Make A Pour Painting

April 30, 2020

Make your own DIY pour painting. This is such a fun and easy DIY project. #home #decor #diy #crafts #painting #pourpainting


Pour Painting is a popular DIY and décor trend right now. While it may look complicated or messy, it is quite easy, and the clean up isn’t that bad. This project is easy enough to do with kids as well.

With the current stay home, stay safe orders in place, I’ve had some extra time to craft. Like any crafter, I have a crafting bucket list. There are so many crafts and DIY projects I want to try.



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Hobby Lobby has a Pour Painting Kit, which is what I purchased. It includes everything you need to create your first Painting. After doing some research, it ends up being cheaper to buy a kit to start out.




You can also buy your supplies separately at most craft stores or even on Amazon.

Supplies Needed For Pour Painting.

If you choose not to purchase a kit, these are the products you’ll need.
Pouring Paint
Stir Sticks or Popsicle Sticks
Plastic Cups
Drop Cloth
Cell Magic
Gloves ( if you don’t want to get paint on your hands)


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How To Create Your Pour Painting

Find a large enough space to spread your drop cloth. You don’t want to be working around a ton of stuff while doing this, so make sure your area is clutter-free.



Prop up your canvas using plastic cups so the paint can drip off the edges. I didn’t do this step, and my Painting turned out fine.

Pour each desired color into separate mixing cups, then add 3-4 drops of Cell Magic to each color and stir them lightly.

After all your colors have been combined with Cell Magic and stirred, start layering them into another mixing cup. Start by pouring the metallic or lightest colors into your cup first. DO NOT STIR IT! This is important; do not stir the colors once you’ve layered them.



The next step is fun! Pour your paint onto the canvas, making sure to get some paint on all corners of the canvas. I made a spiral design with mine and loved the results.



Next, you’ll tip the canvas to distribute the paint. This part took the longest for me. Make sure to cover the entire surface of the canvas. If you need more paint, simply mix some more and pour it where needed. For the sides of my canvas, I used my stir stick to spread some paint on.





Allow your pour painting to dry overnight.

I love my pour painting! I can’t wait to make one on a larger canvas in the future.

Grab a Pour Painting kit and give it a try!


Make your own DIY pour painting. This is such a fun and easy DIY project. #home #decor #diy #crafts #painting #pourpainting


Written by: Devon



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